A SToryteller of powerful brands.

We are a dynamic and collaborative marketing communications + design agency creating big ideas by telling powerful brand stories that inspire belief through unexpected thinking.


David Gauger | Principal

I joined IAN to gain access to a group of agency owners that share your problems, passions and at times, pain. We visit the world's top agencies, and learn what makes their founder's tick. Synthesizing this priceless knowledge makes our agency a little bit better every time. And every six months, we get to do it again.



Julia gauger | Account manager

I joined IAN to better understand what works and what doesn't in the constant flux of our agency's evolution. Sharing and receiving invaluable insight from a diverse and entertaining group of peers grants new perspective on how to solve problems and create better work.




Identity + Logo Design
Strategic Planning
Print Advertising

Digital Advertising
Outdoor Advertising
Environmental Graphics
Media Planning & Strategy

Public Relations
Video Production
Social Media Strategy




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