When you pull up a chair to our table, you're accessing the brilliant brains of all 24 of our agency leaders. Each of our carefully chosen members is a seasoned leader in the industry. All in all, that wealth of knowledge can be measured in decades. Twice a year, you get to access that experience in-person.


With such a diverse group of IAN members, many of us have been there and done that. Despite our differences in capabilities and specialities at each of our agencies, you can still be sure that at least one of us have dealt with your current burning issue in the past. Peer-to-peer, we get down to brass tacks with you on the issues that matter.


If you don't evolve, you're dead. While the theme of each meeting changes, the ultimate goal for all of us is to get better. In how we collaborate with our internal teams, communicate with clients and learn new methods to keep the madness at bay. It's about being ahead of the game, whether that's in technologies or ways to connect with others.


We don't just think for you. We think through top-of-mind concerns with you, so we can help identify real solutions that can be implemented in real time. Each meeting includes some time to discuss "Burning Issues". You can speak among peers about agency culture, new business, processes & procedures and whatever dirty laundry you need to air out.


The knowledge and resources at IAN enable us to expand our capabilities and break into new industries.


No more fighting through crowds. No more flying to conventions. Discover the insights you’re looking for from individuals and organizations like Meena, in the comfort of our meetings.


You're always on, and so are we. There's plenty that keeps us all up late at night. Throughout the year, agency members are available to lend a hand at any moment. Shoot an e-mail, pick up the phone. We're here for you.